The Quantum Painting: fourteen is a probability

scribbling an unreal world to run into here
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nobody knows who threw the dice, and the game has begun…

painting, a dice blow has happened…bluenight L.XIV

Space and Time within and Without Me

bluenight’s script

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you’ve always got a probability to choose

…try to roll a blow of dice, maybe to get fourteen is a probability that the painting comes across that quantum painting probability.


The Uncertainty Rule of the Quantum Painting

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Along the way there is always the probability of a story to live

The Quantum Painting in becoming has turned into the fourteen, which suggests taking a new step, at 14, the world street number fourteen, as a probability for it to be; and then, there is bluenight, the painter, who, telling his art, carries you along his path of life.

To Change the Shape Sets the Concept Out

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Destiny is a roll of the dice bouncing into the ground to fall where
they may fall.

Bluenight’s Quantum Painting begins to tell his clipboard of a pictorial research that will illustrate the terms of the artwork: The artwork is a pulsating object, a space-time, as a quantum of probability, of an experience inherent with others or subconscious.

An only artwork is painted by a single person who is the artist, but it is fragmented into more places and times, in more parallel universes; for this purpose, there is no observational, investigation but a probability of the existence, of an emotional sensation, mood alive and lived in countless ways and further emotions.

bluenight’s script

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that would be the heart and soul

in having
arrived there,
bluenight once said
…those who can not conceive of the world, well, then let them conceive of themselves…

 17:25 November 3, 2006

…the difference between you and me is that you had already lost before having started, whereas I won because I have lost…

12:10 June 6, 2015

outside and inside the artwork|Gallery

Fourteen is a Probability

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there is always a probability of existence on the dice

roller and paint L.XIV

My website, bluenight, the quantum painting are a pictorial research in becoming, as a book written day by day, to create the theory on art, it is based on the possibility of the existence of a sentiment, determining this by means of coordinates of daily notes in a given space and time.

Equally important, my project is the subjectivity in the objective sea of living, in which the observer is the most important element in giving power, and energy to the artwork with his story and his sentiments; for this purpose, I wrap everything into an analysis that is revised into an emotive key. It is a reading with more points of view: all that is enough to call up the subject as soul places and sense emotions.

The Endless Journey as a probability of Our Experience

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beyond the surface there are the corners too

Only a case in the endless journey, floating in chaos and making our expedition stand out, tells the way I began, painting with brushes that will turn to rollers, as a probability of our experience.

Just to look up from the mirror, the subjective reality, the life made by colours, I, like a traveller through time and space, am seeking that subject, in turn changed to become colours shading away into the effect of their dream.

From the earliest effects, the spot is born from a Dublin experience, which will carry me to live my artworks on a feeling to stand outside and inside, so that it means a quantum lap, suddenly and lively come to give me a new clipboard, expeditions of probability in the world chaos, like a mind-reflected mirror.

Painting is to Synthesise the Colours of the Soul

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Contamination of the soul

The 5 colours’ quanta being a case of chaos in an endless journey called living, the quantum painting weaves the probability round the artwork.

By the paint roller and the five colours, bluenight L.XIV hence will be born as a legend, the fourteen, as a probability joining in a blow of dice thrown in with the spread-up set in a new view; thus, a mind-remembered pictorial probability of a
five-colour quantum based on only an element brings a probabilistic-writing multitude along the space and time;
meaning the endless gesture called living.

and BLUENIGHT said,

Let there be painting;
and there was art

Let there be colour;
and there was colour


bluenight’s script

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the roads are deserted by the crowd

arriving this way,
would like to say
you can step in, close the door, then take your step without a logical process


The Quantum Painting Sitemap

bluenight L.XIV

A probability of existence in a unique universe varies through the places and thoughts


bluenight’s script

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in a quantum of probability

bluenight L.XIV

hunger, pride,
and struggle,
the simple words form a context
as well as a soul;
simple words give you
the hunger of knowledge,
an understanding of things,
the new view-points
as the new living ways,
through pride the fact springs up
–I exist–
to keep on struggling
to make the new ideas,
your dreams,
day by day,
and by the blind foollishness
of those who wait
for the coming-on of better days
in their city.
only the simple words are what
I can write for
and utter as I learn and live.

23:46 January 23,2015

We are like atoms,
a unique system inside the universe,
which squeezes us
with its mass
and with its power,
the vision of the infinite
which you are not able
to understand, imagine,
perceive to the mind of your eyes.

bluenight L.XIV
bluenight’s script

I am a Painter


The Story of a Painter

The Quanta 5 Colours

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a glance is the infinity that is defined by the objects as a word
enchants a sign

I use acrylic colours on rough canvas; the colours at issue are five: ultramarine blue , vermilion red, lemon yellow, up to white and black; so that tints are born straight on the canvas; and rollers, thus creating an infinite quality of tints.

I am always in search of new motivations, because I want to seek new sources by making my painting wealthier, improving my aesthetic product as an absolute painting value. To be an artist, or better, a painter, all that incites me to go over the unknown ground.

So doing all it, I face the new languages, by coding them again into my painting and giving it a new flavour, different every day.
Living life and being never fed up with the longing knowledge that I live my art as well as I live myself. I felt as a developing explorer of art, in search of new outer reaches, the grounds in which I can find out the new languages.

bluenight’s script

Thank you for your time and consideration


fourteen is a probability

Now it’s up to you to choose and decipher your loop quantum of living all over space and time in the world scale.

The Artist’s Painting Script

Bluenight’s tale in verse

you try to imagine what is beyond your imagination
and what you have to breathe,breathe and image, you try, you are living,
Φ 1.618

bluenight L.XIV

π 3,141
you are the imagination about breathing one image which you are in at the fading away of the mind.


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bluenight L.XIV

You would like to roll some dice blows today, wouldn’t you?

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